JUnit 4 Test Class with annotations

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

A simple example of a JUnit 4 Test class marked up with annotations.

import org.junit.*; 
import static org.junit.Assert.*; 

public class SampleTest { 
    private java.util.List emptyList; 

     * Sets up the test fixture. 
     * (Called before every test case method.) 
    public void setUp() { 
        emptyList = new java.util.ArrayList(); 

     * Tears down the test fixture. 
     * (Called after every test case method.) 
    public void tearDown() { 
        emptyList = null; 

    public void testSomeBehavior() { 
        assertEquals("Empty list should have 0 elements", 0, emptyList.size()); 

    public void testForException() { 
        Object o = emptyList.get(0); 

Points of note

The static import of org.junit.Assert.*

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