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Oracle XML DB – XMLType table creation

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


So I’ve been doing some Oracle XML work again. I’d lost my notes from last time (nice touch) so here are my notes from this time:

XMLType Table Creation

CREATE TABLE xml_table OF XMLType 

This will create “an xml table” into which you can insert XML. It will check that the XML is well formed before insertion. It will not validate that all documents inserted are the same or that elements contain valid data.

For that we need to create a table based upon an XML Schema/XSD

-- create an Oracle directory where the schema can be stored
create or replace directory XSD as '/home/foo/bar/oracle/xsd'

-- copy your Schema into the directory
-- then
  DBMS_XMLSCHEMA.registerSchema(SCHEMAURL => '', SCHEMADOC => bfilename('XSD','my_schema.xsd'));

-- Note: the SCHEMAURL can be basically anything. Oracle uses it as a unique identifier
-- Create the table
CREATE TABLE matter OF xml_table XMLSCHEMA "" ELEMENT "nameOfTheRootXmlElement";

There are many overloaded versions of DBMS_XMLSCHEMA.registerSchema so you can shortcut some of the steps above. For example:

    TRUE, -- generate required Oracle types. Default = true
    TRUE, -- generate javabeans. Default = false
    FALSE, -- generate errors when registering schema. True = do not
    TRUE -- generate table

Full docs for the DBMS_XMLSCHEMA package are here

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